I found a beautiful male for Saimi’s second and also last litter!
The pedigree combi

The male is :
Suonpunkitytön Pienarin Napakymppi
Owner: Marko Liikanen
Breeder : Seija Ollila
Nickname : Repo
Date of Birth : 28-4-2010
Reg.nr. FI37632/10
prcdPRA: A (DNA tested)
IFT-pra: Free
ECVOtest : Free 18-12-2016
HD : A/A
Size : 54cm

Suopunkitytön means – to gets a rendeer with a lasso.
Pienarin means – a rifle and is the name of his father.
Napakymppi means – the rose/ bullseye

Repo is a beautiful representation of the breed, he has great work capacity, he was active at a very high level of agility (Champion of 2014) and succesfuly herded sheep and reindeer.
He is well built and most important, he has a great character!!
We are super happy with him, especially because he has a complete
different bloodline. Together they have 0% in 5 generations and only 1,16% in 8 generations. We hope this litter will have a female, so we can keep her!

From this combination, the following colours can occur:
Brown – Wolfcoloured Brown – Wolfcoloured – Black

We hope to have a litter begin next year!