Saimi is a very sweet and humble dog. Outside she’s alert and a great dog to walk with, this instantly switches when she’s going into workmode, she will become very excited and fanatic. She gets along with most other dogs but isn’t a pushover.

Name Tuhkavuorten Ketoneilikka
Nickname Saimi
Breeder Kaisa Hurme
Father Kirjokannen Pilven Veikko
Mother Poropeukalon Sandur
Date of birth 30-05-2013 FI35199/13 NHSB2939866
PRA-prcd Free Optigentest
ECVO eye-test Free tested 30-04-2015 – 10-02-2017  06-03-2020 -03-02-2022
MyDogDNA Pompe Free
CMR3 Free
MDR1 Free
DM Free
Height 46 cm