Joshi(Araidan Taivas Rajana)

Yeah Joshi had his ECVO test yesterday and everything was excellent!

Autumn 2022


Ecvo test

Yesterday we went for the ECVO test in Amsterdam.
Both Lady’s great results, Free!
For Saimi the last one, she will be nine 30th of May!
Very happy with the results!




Pffff whoever you speak to from the dog world, all bitches are in heat later than expected, you would almost think this is because of Corona, lockdown haha. So is Leija, she should be in heat in December, but she is later too. So finally got round to it today. Normally I am happy with a long period between two heats, but if you wait for it it always takes longer. The positive thing is that I can now say, the next heat we travel to Joshi! yoheee


Saimi is also free of IFT122!

IFT 122

Yeah i received the testresult today, Leija is free of IFT 122!!

Hiep hiep hoera Saimi 8 year!


Great News!

Today we were told that Joshi DM is free!
If all goes well he will be the father of Leija her litter! We are very happy with this male!


Yeah Joshi eye-results are ok!

Finally we have also snow!

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